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Joan Cwaik with José Crettaz in La Nación Conversations
“Reloaded” brains – Joan Cwaik and Melina Masnatta
Joan Cwaik on CNN in Spanish
CIFA 2017: Interview with Lic. Joan Cwaik

Compilation of notes

6/9/2019Ambito FinancieroThinking Bitcoin
from the philosophy
1/9/2019El tribunoOn the importance of the
software industry in Argentina
30/8/2019Noticiero Reporte San LuisEconomics Conferences:
The Age of Innovation
27/8/2019Noticias Congreso NacionalThe Advancement of Brain-Computer
Interfaces, by Joan Cwaik
26/8/2019TelamThe advancement of
brain-computer interfaces
26/8/2019Tribuna de PeriodistasFacebook makes rapid progress
on its brain-reading project
24/8/2019La NaciónHow is the industry that
makes 13-year-olds millionaires?
23/8/2019InfobaePrivacy, a forgotten right
in the digital age
21/8/2019El EcoOn the importance of the
software industry in Argentina
20/8/2019TelamOn the importance of the
software industry in Argentina
20/8/2019Tribuna de PeriodistasWhy the software industry
is important in Argentina
7/8/2019TelamThe temperature of
the eSports rises
26/7/2019InfobaeThe death of "like" and
the future of influencers
18/7/2019InfobaeTrump just put his focus on crypto coins.
What does this mean for your future?
11/7/2019CampuseThe Age of Disruptive Innovation
| Joan Cwaik | #CPUY1
20/6/2019Diario 26Libra, the new Facebook crypto-currency:
"Born for people who are not bankarized."
19/6/2019El Economista10 key points to understand the new
crypto that Facebook launched
19/6/2019El EconomistaFacebook launches Libra, a crypto
supported by real currencies
17/6/2019Jose CrettazCrypto-currencies: ten years after its creation,
Bitcoin is recovered and altcoins are consolidated
7/6/2019Clase PoliticaTagliaferro: We continue to provide tools to
young people because they are the future
6/6/2019La noticia WebTagliaferro: We continue to provide tools to
young people because they are the future
1/6/2019Canal de la CiudadCriptomoney: Emerging Technologies Specialist
Joan Cwaik in Hoy Nos Toca a la Tarde
25/5/2019PerfilMacri returned to Olivos to
share the "locro" of May 25
20/3/2019El ObservadorCampus Party and the audacity
of the French Revolution
1/3/2019OpusThe disruptive Campus
Party arrived in Uruguay
26/11/2018El TerritorioCampus Party: successful experience in
Misiones and a new appointment is expected
26/11/2018Multimedios GenesisThe Campus Weekend Misiones ended
with more than 3,000 participants
25/11/2018Enfoque MisionesCampus Weekend Misiones
reunió a más de 4 mil jóvenes.
23/11/2018iProp UpIt's no longer science, young people: what do
you need for your home to become a "smart home"?
23/11/2018Misiones OnlineCampus Party: today begins the largest event
of science, innovation and technology in the Knowledge Park
22/11/2018Misiones OnlineNearly 400 young people participated in the
Online Missions competition for tickets to the Campus Party
22/11/2018Dossier NetJoan Cwaik assumed as Global Director
of Creativity and Social Strategy of Maytronics
21/11/2018Misiones OnlineCampus Party Misiones: Joan Cwaik will lecture
on Disruptive Technologies and their impact on social paradigms
19/11/2018Misiones OnlineHackathons at Campus Weekend Misiones:
meet the challenges of this edition
16/11/2018C20C20Speakers +
13/11/2018IprofesionalArgentina named Joan Cwaik ambassador for
the Creativity and Productivity lines
13/11/2018ZireneLogitech Named Joan Cwaik
Spotlight Ambassador
13/11/2018Todo Tech 20Logitech Argentina Named Joan Cwaik Ambassador
for the Creativity and Productivity Lines
13/11/2018LatinSpotsLogitech Named Joan Cwaik
Spotlight Ambassador
2/11/2018TKMMap to buy with
Bitcoins in the city
1/11/2018Canal 9 / TelenueveJuani and the house
of the near future
1/11/2018El PioneroWelcome to the era of
disruptive innovation
25/10/2018El mensajero de La CostaLecture by Joan Cwaik
"The era of disruptive innovation"
25/10/2018Noticias TelpinUADE: Lecture by Joan Cwaik
"The era of disruptive innovation"
23/10/2018La Capital"The Night of Ideas", to rethink the
present and stimulate dialogue
22/10/2018AGIA diary from the G20 YEA Summit, the meeting in Argentina
between young entrepreneurs from all over the world
2/10/2018StartMagazineI'll tell you what was said at the
G20 about young entrepreneurs
26/9/2018La NaciónYEA20: five keys to promoting
entrepreneurship in the world
26/9/2018ForbesHow The G20 Young Entrepreneurs
Would Like To Shape The World's Future.
20/9/2018La NaciónWhat is the "reality gap" and
what are its consequences
20/9/2018El treceWith live orchestra and inspiration from Jorge Donn
, so was the dazzling presentation of Aquadance at Bailando 2018
20/9/2018CronistaThe world looks for the businessman
of the future in Buenos Aires
20/9/2018PrasetG20: Participation
of Joan Cwaik
18/9/2018InfobaeG20 Youth to Discuss Crypto-Currencies
and Future Businesses
18/9/2018InfobaeOne thousand meters of pipe, 80 thousand liters of water and
other Aquadance numbers, the most eagerly awaited
rhythm of the "Bailando" program
23/8/2018CNN en EspanolWhat is the best business model
for apps and video games?
19/8/2018Diario ShowAquadance 2018, the most
eagerly awaited return
17/8/2018Instituto Primo Capraro3th and 4th-grade - Talk on disruptive
technologies by Mr. Joan Cwaik
14/8/2018Telefe NoticiasLight blue and white stress: what happen
to us while we watch the national team matches?
6/8/2018Cuento de HadasFAIRY TALE AT
23/7/2018En Red6 technological advances that
will change the future
6/7/2018InfobaeWhat came before
the bitcoin?
25/6/2018LATAM NoticiasJoan Cwaik was selected as
a lecturer at the G20 YEA
25/6/2018El punto de equilibrioJoan Cwaik was selected as a speaker at the G20
YEA Young Entrepreneurs Summit.
21/6/2018Telefe NoticiasLight blue and white stress: what happens to
us while we watch the national team matches?
31/5/2018Universidad Catolica de La PlataTourism students
visited InnovaTurBA
29/5/2018LATAM NoticiasLogitech Named Joan Cwaik
Spotlight Ambassador
4/5/2018El Diario Del turismo7 conclusions left by
InnovaTur BA 2018
3/5/2018CNN en EspanolMultimedia Convergence: Digital Communication,
Artificial Intelligence and Innovation
25/4/2018Universidad ORTConference "Disruptive technologies applied to
marketing" by the Argentine technological innovator Joan Cwaik
20/4/2018El país UYMarketing will be almost Hypodermic
and will speak through devices
- INTERVIEW #9 | The Namibia Project
5/4/2018Montevideo PortalLiving Marketing: a cycle of talks to be
at the forefront of Marketing
5/4/2018Montevideo.comLiving Marketing: a cycle of talks to be
at the forefront of marketing
3/4/2018Canal KZOWe have Wifi - Program #08 |
Julian Serrano
22/3/2018InfobaeFacebook Crisis: The Fall of the
World's Biggest Media?
5/3/2018Revista PyMES del diario Clarín
3/3/2018CNN espanolJoan Cwaik in
Global Portfolio
11/2/2018TKMWhat is the difference between
the dollar and the bitcoin?
9/2/2018ForbesIs the price and volatility
of Bitcoin normal?
7/2/2018TKMCan you become a millionaire
with Bitcoins?
4/1/2018Diario Show"I'm popular, that's why
I like being in Crónica."
2018Universidad Nacional de MisionesFCEQyN computer scientists
joined the Campus Party
27/12/2017Amigos de la Universidad de Tel Aviv ArgentinaTecno day 2017: getting to know the new technologies
that are transforming the world
22/11/2017ViaPaisThese are the most innovative young Argentines,
according to Forbes
21/11/2017Simonetta OrsiniDigital
17/11/2017Forbes ArgentinaGeneration 3i: High-impact
young people
8/11/2017Cocineros Argentinos
1/11/2017Cocineros ArgentinosVirtual reality
in the kitchen
1/11/2017USMPCIFA 2017: Interview
with Lic. Joan Cwaik
31/10/2017Uno Santa FeA talk will be given on disruptive
technologies and digital paradigms
30/10/2017Universidad nacional dl litoral (UNL)Disruptive innovation will be
the subject of a conference
30/10/2017Universidades HoyNew edition of the Young
Entrepreneurs Conference
29/10/2017Universidad del LitoralDisruptive innovation will be
the subject of a conference
26/10/2017El litoralJoan Cwaik will speak
at the OSDE branch
24/10/2017Agencia de Noticias OrbitaUSMP organizes the International Congress
of the Faculty of Administration Cifa 2017
23/10/2017Jose CrettazJoan Cwaik: "eSports are not minor sports and there
are many associated actors from coaches and agents to companies"
20/10/2017Peru.comUSMP organizes the International Congress
of the Faculty of Management
13/10/2017Congreso FOPEAExhibitors and
tables confirmed
7/9/2017Página 12Major
16/8/2017InfocampoDigital Transformation
Reaches the Field
12/8/2017LocosxlosjuegosUADE presents its
first eSport team
5/8/2017TelemundoOn robotics and its
impact on everyday life
4/8/2017InfocampoYoung agro
management arrives
2/8/2017La GacetaThe rise of
disruptive technologies
ago-17Information TechnologyMy first
1/8/2017Filo NewsThe furor for Bitcoin: what is it about,
how can it help us and what are its risks?
27/7/2017La NaciónThe impact of
crypto-currencies on trade
21/7/2017InfobaeThe Bitcoin Fork:
Its Fire Test
19/7/2017Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos AiresEditions 2017
(scientific gallery)
12/7/2017Diario Crónica
7/7/2017BA Inteligente
1/7/2017EconomixThe man who makes way
for robots in Argentina
27/6/2017IprofesionalInnovatiBA 2017 will revolve around
automatic learning and Blockchain
26/6/2017InfobaeInnovatiBA 2017: an unmissable date with
the future in the heart of the city
1/6/2017C5NBitcoin: the economy
of the future?
1/6/2017Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos AiresA day when technology
was the protagonist
19/5/2017EndeavorJune: a month of experiences
for entrepreneurs
1/5/2017C5NSunday Well:
The debate by bitcoins
12/4/2017Magazine TV360°
29/3/2017Delta 90.3Joan Cwaik: "It has a
very large ecosystem."
23/3/2017La NaciónBitcoin breaks the historical
record of its value
17/3/2017SpiquersTechnology is one of the main agents of change
in our society. Therefore, it becomes an innovative engine that allows us
to improve various aspects of our daily lives.
2/3/2017Telpin TVInteresting talks with
a brilliant mind
1/3/2017Telpin Canal 2Pinamar
News 77C
12/2/2017InfobaeA world that
reinvents itself
4/2/2017C5NBitcoins: the
new economy?
1/2/2017C5NEconomy: Bitcoins,
the new Economy?
1/2/2017La NaciónJoan Cwaik: "It is fundamental to have flexibility
when it comes to being able to understand technologies"
20/1/2017América Economía
19/1/2017TelamThe ethical dilemmas
of Big Data
19/1/2017RadarSuch will be the Mixed
Reality of the future
9/1/2017RadarBrainwave -
Brainwave Reading
27/12/2016TelamBitcoin: behind the scenes
of its dizzying growth
27/12/2016SpiquersJoan Cwaik tells you everything you
need to know about the Bitcoins
13/12/2016Net NewsWe will super-produce in series, without air
, sea or land shipment, Joan Cwaik
12/12/2016TelamThe virtualization
of the economy
7/12/2016DTRUZ magFuturama
6/12/2016Canal Encuentro"What do those who
don't think as me?"
1/12/2016Secretaria de Empleo y Trabajo del ChacoJoan Cwaik
1/12/2016Canal EncuentroWhat do those who don't think as me?
Freedom and danger in the nets
1/12/2016PrasetJoan Cwaik in Red
Innova BA 2016
30/11/2016PrasetJoan Cwaik: "In Argentina there is a lack
of dissemination of technology
23/11/2016Cuento de Hadas"Agencies of the future and the humanization
of networks. Encourage yourself to something different"
23/11/2016RadarVisit to
22/11/2016Diario Show"The logistics and assembly of
the Aquadance are impressive"
22/11/2016LatinSpotsVanina Romero: encouraging
to something different
20/11/2016InfobaeThe Aquadance of the "Bailando" in numbers:
how is the greatest staging of television assembled?
19/11/2016Diario ShowThe secrets of the "Aquadance" that will start
on Monday on the "Bailando" program
18/11/2016Magazine TVAquadance
is coming
16/11/2016RadarVisit to
15/11/2016Espacio NegociosThe 2016 Entrepreneur's Day edition
is coming to Buenos Aires
14/11/2016em BlueMarketing automation, el 5to stone
del marketing digital
12/11/2016FundavPre-Meet the Game will begin with Corear
and GWJ Awards Ceremony
11/11/2016Blog PortinosPre-Meet the Game will begin with
Corear and GWJ Awards Ceremony
10/11/2016Desafio Exportar"Path to God's algorithm"
7/11/2016PrasetJoan Cwaik: "Understand technology
critically and consciously"
6/11/2016Cuento de HadasOnline MKT Day "The Fifth Stone
of Digital Marketing" CDH
6/11/2016Ojo de prensaSocial networks vibrate in Rosario:
Social Media Day arrives
4/11/2016LGLG showed its leadership in technological innovation
in the first local edition of Campus Party
2/11/2016InfobaeThe day Macri called
me an alarmist
2/11/2016RadarPresentation of
the cam 360°
1/11/2016TECtv La Señal de la CienciaCampus Party: I
felt the future
1/11/2016PrasetJoan Cwaik, a
technological innovator
1/11/2016Derechos Humanos BALeadership Course for Young
People from Communities
1/11/2016Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos AiresJoan Cwaik closed the Leadership Course
for Young People from Communities
29/10/2016La vozYou'll never guess who leads the list of
the prettiest men for Argentine women
28/10/2016AperturaThey chose the 20 most attractive businessmen
, politicians and economists
27/10/2016Palermo OnlineLizardo Ponce is the prettiest man
for Argentine women
25/10/2016Adopta a un chicoTOP 100 of most
coveted men
24/10/2016ebiz LatamThe reality in the
smartphone era
18/10/2016Shelknam SurXI FOPEA International Journalism Congress:
new panels and confirmed speakers
4/10/2016Rome University of Fine ArtsCreativity, the great international
event adLIB arrives in Rome!
29/9/2016TEA Imagen
29/9/2016TelamA platform to "vote" for Hillary Clinton
or Donald Trump
19/9/2016Luiss Business SchoolAS YOU LIKE: #adLIB! a training and exchange
experience for creative people
13/9/2016Canal de la Ciudad
11/9/2016Revista VIVAWhen technology challenges
what we call reality
29/8/2016CronistaLG Named Innovation
24/8/2016EnfasysLG Mobile Argentina appoints Joan Cwaik
as Innovation Specialist How was your first time?
23/8/2016Information TechnologyHow was your
first time?
23/8/2016ABC MundialLG appoints Joan Cwaik as Innovation
Specialist at LG Mobile Argentina
19/8/2016La NaciónWhat are the keys to
Pokémon Go's success?
14/8/2016La NaciónNanosatellites, robots and special seeds:
Argentine innovation is gaining ground
14/8/2016C5NThe furor for
Pokémon GO
5/8/2016La NaciónHow does education change
with new technologies?
2/8/2016La NaciónHow do robots
impact our lives?
1/8/2016C5NTechnology: The Pokemon Go
fever began
1/8/2016C5NTechnology: The furor
for Pokémon GO
31/7/2016InfobaeThe future is here: 5 surprising
technological innovations
22/7/2016The BubbleDon't Freak Out, But Pokémon Go Might
Be Available in Argentina Tomorrow
22/7/2016La NaciónHow is the
storytelling changing?
15/7/2016La NaciónWhere does 3D
printing go?
15/7/2016Analytics TownHow to use big data to predict
the outcome of your business
9/7/2016La NaciónWhere does augmented
reality lead us?
7/7/2016Diario las Américas TVJoan Cwaik -
Technology Entrepreneur
2/7/2016La NaciónWhat is the future of the
man-machine relationship?
24/6/2016La NaciónHow is bitcoin used and what
impact can it have on our lives?
10/6/2016La NaciónWhat unknown uses
do drones have?
3/6/2016La NaciónHow does virtual reality
impact our lives?
2/6/2016Cuento de HadasHire a corporate
event conductor
1/6/2016PrasetJoan Cwaik in
17/5/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
17/5/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
17/5/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
4/5/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
4/5/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
25/4/2016Diario Las Américas4 out of 10 human jobs will
be done by robots
17/4/2016Telemundo 51The impact of robotics
on our lives
9/4/2016GestionWhat areas or businesses can
benefit from "virtual reality"?
8/4/2016ORTThe young technologist visited the school and
trained 4th and 5th-grade students on disruptive technologies and
their impact on the world
8/4/2016Universidad ORTJoan Cwaik surprises us with upcoming
technologies and disruptive scenarios
7/4/2016Information TechnologyFrom 1 to 5 Interview with Roberto Piazza
4/4/2016MediumRacconto of a few
hectic weeks
29/3/2016C5NVirtual Reality: How is
business changing?
29/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
29/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
28/3/2016Delta FM - El DisparadorCwaik: "You can't stop the technology,
Uber's going to implement it anyway"
25/3/2016RadioBorderWhat Argentine projects does Obama
take with him after his visit?
24/3/2016RadioyPuntoJoan Cwaik: "it was a very strong
experience to be with Obama"
22/3/2016Trade FMObama's Visit/Participation
in Town Hall
18/3/2016Delta FM - El DisparadorCwaik: "This will be a very competitive
year for virtual reality technology"
16/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
16/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
16/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
14/3/2016La RepúblicaWhen immersive television is
augmented communication
7/3/2016Trade FM4R Interview with
Florencia Carbone
3/3/2016BitcointsWith no Price Controls, Is it Possible
for Bitcoin to Succeed in Argentina?
3/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
3/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
3/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
3/3/2016C5NFrom 1 to 5
2/3/2016Motherboard - VICECan Bitcoin Still Thrive in Argentina
Without Price Controls?
21/2/2016El Día de GualeguaychúThe boy who lives by
the diamond theory
16/2/2016SpiquersOur speaker Joan Cwaik brings us up to
date with the advances of virtual reality
14/2/2016LMNeuquenVirtual reality will allow us to live
the World Cup like never before
12/2/2016InfobaeThey affirm that virtual reality will allow you to "live"
the next World Cup as if you were in the stadium
6/2/2016Rue89Will Bitcoin save the
Argentine economy?
1/2/2016La NaciónJoan Cwaik: "It is essential to have flexibility when
it comes to understanding technologies"
21/1/2016Radio MitreMacri Tested Virtual Reality
Glasses in Davos
18/1/2016Revista Desde AdentroNew social, economic and political paradigms -
The irruption of disruptive technologies
4/12/2015LABTIVILabtivi | first
program 2015
29/11/2015Blue FMDay 2 of #BlueSonar at
La Usina del Arte
28/11/2015Sonar+D Buenos Aires 2015Sonar+D Buenos Aires 2015 -
Networking / Meet&Drink / Joan Cwaik
24/11/2015TyN EntrepreneursRed Innova Camp 2015
challenges Argentine talent
20/11/2015C5NFrom 1 to 5
14/11/2015La Noche de la Cultura DigitalThe Night of Digital
Culture - Joan Cwaik
12/11/2015Cultura GeekWhat gave us Argentina
Comic-Con 2015?
1/11/2015Canal de la CiudadHow to positively impact the world?
Param Jaggi and Joan Cwaik in
Denominador Común
1/11/2015C5NFrom 1 to 5: Joan Cwaik, Nico Gerenstein
and Sofia Bertolotto (Part 1)
1/11/2015C5NFrom 1 to 5: Joan Cwaik, Nico Gerenstein
and Sofia Bertolotto (Part 2)
1/11/2015C5NFrom 1 to 5: Joan Cwaik, Nico Gerenstein
and Sofia Bertolotto (Part 3)
1/11/2015C5NFrom 1 to 5: Joan Cwaik, Nico Gerenstein
and Sofia Bertolotto (Part 4)
29/10/2015Business WireeMerge Americas announces first speakers
and opens registration for its 2016 edition
28/10/2015DiarioshowIt is a pleasure to face
these challenges
28/10/2015Revista ProntoEXCLUSIVE: What no one told
you about Aquadance
27/10/2015Revista ProntoWho's the man behind
the Aquadance?
27/10/2015ProntoWho's the man behind
the Aquadance?
16/10/2015Todo en un clickCollective Intelligence
in companies
25/9/2015Iton GadolId-ideas development- Israel and Argentina,
in the audiovisual district. 15 conversations that will give us
something to talk about
1/9/2015C5NSociety: The bracelet
reading muscle waves
18/8/2015La NaciónJoan Cwaik: "We are the country in Latin America that
consumes the most bitcoins" (LN Conversations)
16/8/2015Diario MovilMyo: the digital bracelet that will
leave the joystick in oblivion
16/8/2015InfobaeBye to the joystick? Myo, a revolutionary
electronic bracelet, is coming
11/8/2015InfobaeAll set for the start of the 6th International
Youth Leaders Summit
9/8/2015La CapitalDisruptive technologies:
another paradigm
3/8/2015InfobaeWhat is augmented reality and
what is it transforming?
1/8/2015La NaciónJoan Cwaik talks
to José Crettaz
1/8/2015C5NShowmatch: The Aquadance
preview from Ideas del Sur
24/7/2015Red InnovaThe best of two worlds: large companies and
entrepreneurs gathered at the Four Seasons for the
inauguration of Red Innova BA 2015
23/7/2015Red InnovaTechnologies that will change the world:
Joan Cwaik in Red Innova BA 2015
23/7/2015EspectadorA great community dialogue
on Social Media Day
22/7/2015Cuento de HadasSpeakers and lecturers for events: Cwaik, Bilinkis,
Golombek, Latela, Freire, Espeche
16/7/2015Foro Movistar ArgentinaSocial Media Day Buenos Aires 2015:
the great event of social networks
8/7/2015CoindeskDo Bitcoin Startups Stand a
Chance in Argentina?
6/7/2015El otro, el mismoWhen technology takes
an unexpected turn
6/7/2015Crónica TvThe fantastic world
of 3D printers
3/7/2015SatsaidRosario will host
another MICA
3/7/2015La CapitalCalcagno: "The cultural industry is
comparable to energy"
2/7/2015InfobaePush to the entrepreneurial
and corporate status quo
1/7/2015Ministerio de Cultura - Presidencia de la NaciónRosario, headquarters of
MICA Produce Center
1/7/2015C5NTechnology: how is the
new apple watch?
29/6/2015El LiberalThey say that not having Facebook
can be considered suspicious
29/6/2015InfobaeNot having a Facebook profile
can be considered suspicious
24/6/2015Posibl.The Art of creating to help:
Darwin Research | 3D Printing
19/5/2015iProfesionalThe network of shops that accept bitcoins as
a means of payment is extended in the country
19/5/2015La NaciónBitcoin: the local circuit of a virtual
coin that takes hold
19/5/2015Universidad Torcuato Di TellaBitcoin: the local circuit of a virtual
coin that takes hold
14/5/2015La NaciónRed Innova: seven basic lessons
for entrepreneurs
12/5/2015Metro 951Metro media partner of Red
Innova Buenos Aires 2015
1/5/2015C5NTechnology: robots that
perform domestic tasks
25/4/2015Página/12Tools against
16/4/2015GamediaMeet The Devs -
Video Game Industry Talks
15/4/2015La NaciónComfort 21st century: the dream
of your own home with remote control
15/4/2015Canal 26Almost human robots
on 26 Direct. Part 1
15/4/2015Canal 26Almost human robots
on 26 Direct. Part 2
10/4/2015C5NVirtual Reality - Joan Cwaik
and Fernando Tarnogol
26/3/2015CAME JovenUndertake
Salta 2015
24/3/2015Contar con TICJoan Cwaik and Melina Masnatta: Technologies
and paradigms to rethink education
5/3/2015Gobierno de la Provincia de SaltaWith an innovative agenda,
Emprende Salta 2015 was launched
1/3/2015Infobae TVJoan Cwaik and Fernando Tarnogol
in Infobae - Virtual Reality - Part 1
1/3/2015Infobae TVJoan Cwaik and Fernando Tarnogol
in Infobae - Virtual Reality - Part 2
26/2/2015MediumBuy or mine, the two ways
to get crypto coins
26/2/2015MediumDomestic Robotics: Integration and implementation
in Latin American socio-cultural habits
19/2/2015La NaciónDrones: an official project to regulate their use
promises to generate controversy
1/2/2015Area DoceUrban Side Report -
3D Lab - Fab&Cafe
12/1/2015El CiudadanoBitcoin grows as
an investment
1/1/2015Infobae TVDisruptive Technologies
in Infobae
30/12/2014Revista VeintitrésAnonymous
12/12/2014Infobae"Overloaded" brains: disruptive technologies
applied to education
12/12/2014Infobae TV"Overloaded" brains - Joan Cwaik and
Melina Masnatta in Infobae
11/12/2014Crónica Web TVThe fantastic world
of 3D printing
1/12/2014GamediaDemo Day
23/11/2014La CapitalSocial networks, new
routes for business
17/11/2014Info 341What Social Media Day
Rosario left us?
3/11/2014Punto BizSocial Media Day, for
the first time in Rosario
30/10/2014Info TechnologyBitcoin as a means of payment:
the cases of companies that use it
30/10/2014Dia del Entretenimiento UADEEntertainment Day
UADE 2014
28/10/2014La CapitalSocial Media Day arrives in Rosario, a meeting to
learn about the use of social networks
24/10/2014The BubbleThe Bitcoin Revolution in Argentina: What To Expect
24/10/2014Info 341Social Media Day arrives
in Rosario on Friday
23/10/2014Impulso*Social Media Day*: Rosario hosts the world's
most important social networking event
22/10/2014Crónica Web TVGoogle Glass:
Dress Computation
21/10/2014Radio Ar InfoYour question
doesn't bother
12/10/2014Radio FurorSMDayCba (Social Media Day Córdoba)
8/10/2014Radio TradeInterview Mascherano
1/10/2014Locales y NegociosThe #SocialMediaDay passed through Mendoza
and left more than one apprenticeship
26/9/2014Crónica Web TVIn the future children will
print their own toys
25/9/2014Social Tools MeThere is life beyond Facebook
25/9/2014AcequiaTVSocial Media Day brought together hundreds of people
interested in the digital world and social networks
23/9/2014Diario UnoSocial Media Day in
Mendoza was a success
23/9/2014ElevezineSocial Media Day in Mendoza
, Social Media Day
18/9/2014SobreBitcoinConference in Buenos Aires: "Bitcoin: The Vision
and Socio-cultural Implications"
18/9/2014Sobre BitcoinConference in Buenos Aires: "Bitcoin: The Vision
and Socio-cultural Implications"
16/9/2014PortinosConference on computer and
electronic projects at UADE
16/9/2014UberbloggedSocial Media Day 2014
is coming to Córdoba
15/9/2014Los AndesSocial Media Day will have workshops
and panel of local journalists
15/9/2014Blog PortinosConference on computer and
electronic projects at UADE
14/9/2014El Otro MateComputing Festival
FIT 2014
11/9/2014EcoCuyoNew edition of Social Media
Day in Mendoza
11/9/2014Sitio AndinoNew edition of Social Media
Day in Mendoza
5/9/2014Canal Luz#LadoD - Urban
Side Report
2/9/2014Banco Comafi3D Printing in Small and
Medium Businesses
1/9/2014Canal AcequiaSocial Media Day brought together hundreds of
people interested in the digital world and social networks
29/8/2014Canal Luz#LadoD - Artificial
29/8/2014Canal Luz#LadoD - Artificial
27/8/2014C5NFrom 1 to 5 - Robots,
closer and closer to home
14/8/2014Radio Ar InfoLet's build
your business
13/8/2014Melina MasnattaChoreographies
in bits
13/8/2014C5N1 to 5 -
3D Printing
13/8/2014Radio y PuntoAir please -
Radio y Punto
11/8/2014C5NC5N Afternoon -
A 3D Dream Factory
1/8/2014C5NTechnology: robots getting
closer and closer
1/8/2014C5N3d printing -
Darwin research
1/8/2014C5NYoung people turn 3D graphics
into physical objects. Meet them
1/8/2014Area DoceLadoD - Joan Cwaik -
Extended Interview
1/8/2014Area DoceLadoD - Program 18 -
Artificial Intelligence
31/7/2014BuppaSMDayBA 2014 - 10 photos with
a background story
21/7/2014SlideShareJoan Cwaik at Social Media
Day Buenos Aires 2014
18/7/2014Ad LatinaA Review of Social
Media Day Talks
18/7/2014Sitio AndinoThere was a new edition of Social
Media Day Buenos Aires
17/7/2014El Cronista ComercialThe third dimension
of business
17/7/2014Red InnovaThe #SMDAYBA
from the inside
16/7/2014Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos AiresLa Usina del Arte welcomes
Social Media Day
14/7/2014Red UsersA new edition of Social Media
Day starts in Buenos Aires
28/6/2014La NaciónHow robots are going
to change the world
23/6/2014TelamPecha Kucha, cultural zapping and
the boom of oral narrative
18/6/2014NeoloSocial Media Day
Buenos Aires 2014
17/6/2014Fundación Tierra BuenaTEDx Villa Allende, people
with good ideas
11/6/2014Negro & White5 things you missed from
6/6/2014La NaciónAnother reality: technologies that
are changing the perception
6/6/2014Diario MovilHow can technology
change our reality?
4/6/2014Dia a DiaTEDx Villa Allende is
held on Friday 7 June
1/6/2014Era DigitalHome, sweet and
converging home
30/5/2014Pecha Kucha Night!Presenter vol33:
Joan Cwaik
2/5/2014Kubernetica / Santiago KovalDomestic robotics and its integration into
Latin American socio-cultural habits
1/2/2014La NaciónThe robots that help at
home have arrived
12/12/2013UADE Alumni ClubUADE Alumni Club Magazine
Year 7 - Issue 7 - 2013
3/12/2013Entrega de Cuadro de Distincion de HonorPresentation of the UADE 2013
Distinction of Honour Table
1/12/2013Inversiones a la cartaThe Impressive News
of Bitcoins (Note 1)
28/11/2013La NaciónBuy or mine, the two ways
to get crypto-currencies
18/10/2013RedUsersGoogle's Developer Bus has begun:
Summary of the first day
16/10/2013Comision de Jovenes y Profesionales de Relaciones PúblicasCitizens-Politicians
on the Net
30/6/2013La NaciónThe currency of
Generation Y