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It’s why I’m passionate about the rich tapestry of conversation topics I bring to the stage.

I hold steadfast in the belief that curiosity and questioning are the heartbeat of our pursuit for understanding, sparking meaningful intellectual engagement.

Prepare for more than just a discussion, expect an ‘Aha!’ moment, a revelation!



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Skills to Recover What is Human

The Human Dilemma

A Generation’s Quest for Balance

The Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

AI, Crypto and Metaverse

Understanding the Three Technological Trends of 2024


Skills to Recover What is Human

In a world dominated by technology, there is a growing need to revalue the human skills that make us unique. Artificial intelligence and automation threaten to replace many jobs, but they also open up new opportunities for creativity, empathy, and collaboration. In this new lecture, Joan Cwaik, a renowned author and expert disseminator on emerging technologies and society, invites us to explore the post-technological skills that will be essential for thriving in the future.

How can we prepare for the future of work in a changing world?
What skills are essential for surviving and thriving in this century?
How can we tackle the challenges and risks associated with developing these skills?
How can we measure and apply these skills to improve productivity and quality of life at work and in personal life?

The Human Dilemma

A Generation’s Quest for Balance

The technological revolution currently sweeping across humanity has instigated a seismic upheaval in all facets of life: employment, education, information sourcing, entertainment, relationships, among others. Traditional paradigms are rapidly yielding to innovative approaches of human existence in a world teeming with data and algorithms. Consequently, in the midst of this accelerated metamorphosis, it is crucial to take a step back and contemplate the friction between humanity and technology. This dynamic presents a sequence of pivotal topics that demand our attention if we are to comprehend the current trends shaping our future.

Impact of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

What exactly is robotics? Is it something of our time? Does it impact us? Robotics is a multidisciplinary field of study presently at a pivotal yet deceptive juncture in terms of its proficiency across varied applications. Nevertheless, our generation is poised to witness the ascendancy of robotics as it evolves into an exponential technology. In this conference, we will delve into the potential of robotics across a spectrum of domains, unpacking its implications for society and business models.

The genesis of robotics
The significance of robotics in education
The economic repercussions and its diverse application fields
Socio-cultural ramifications
The state of robotics in Argentina and Latin America
Regional trends
Local success stories
The ethical and moral quandaries of the future.

IA, Crypto and Metaverse

Understanding the Three Technological Trends of 2024

In this lecture, we will dive into the three technological trends that are redefining the global landscape in 2024: artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrencies, and the metaverse. We will address each one in depth, exploring their most relevant applications.

AI: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
We will analyze the latest advancements in AI, from task automation to intelligent decision-making and advanced robotics. We will explore how AI is transforming industries such as healthcare, finance, and transportation, and how it is changing the way we work and live.

Cryptocurrencies: The Future of Digital Money
We will discuss the current state and future of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. We will address their impact on the global financial system, their potential as an investment tool, and the challenges that their mass adoption still faces.

Metaverse: A New World of Social Interaction
We will explore the development of the metaverse, a space where people can interact, work, play, and learn. We will address the opportunities it offers for entertainment, education, commerce, and communication, and how it’s changing the way we relate to the digital world.

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