I’m a driven entrepreneur, captivating speaker, published author, and expert in the fascinating field of emerging technologies.

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I was born on June 19, 1990
in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I hold a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the IAE Business School from Universidad Austral, a Postgraduate degree in Multimedia Convergence from the University of Buenos Aires , and a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Entertainment Management from UADE (Argentine University of Enterprise). Accompanied by the emblems of these prestigious institutions.

Hello, first of all, nice to meet you.

I could tell you many things about my story, but since you are on my website… I promise to focus on the more professional aspects.

I am an author, speaker and communicator specialized in emerging technologies and society, with academic training from the IAE, UBA and UADE. In addition, I have participated in significant courses and executive programs at UdeSA and at the global headquarters of Google and Facebook in San Francisco.

I hold an MBA from the IAE Business School of the Universidad Austral and I am the Marketing Manager for Latin America at Maytronics, an industry-leading public company of Israeli origin, specializing in home robotics (MTRN:TA).

I have given more than 400 conferences in more than 18 countries on emerging technologies at prestigious forums such as the G20 Entrepreneurs Summit, TEDx, Campus Party, eMerge Americas and Endeavor. Furthermore, I have a regular presence in media such as CNN, Telemundo, Univisión, La Nación and Infobae. Additionally, I am currently an opinion columnist for Diario Perfil and general coordinator of its Assembly of the Future.

I’ve had the honor of being recognized with prestigious awards for my contributions to the field of emerging technology dissemination. As an author, in 2020, I launched my first book ‘7R: The Seven Technological Revolutions That Will Change Our Lives’. Subsequently, in 2021, I launched my second book, ‘The Human Dilemma: From Homo Sapiens to Homo Tech’ and in 2024, my third book: Post-Tech: Skills to Recover What Is Human.

I welcome the opportunity for a fruitful conversation and mutual empowerment. Please feel free to reach out to me at joan.cwaik@gmail.com.

I have recently been recognized by:

Forbes Argentina recognizes them as one of the six individuals under 35 making significant impact in the Argentine Republic.

In March 2020, the Argentine Chamber of Deputies recognized “7R: The Seven Technological Revolutions That Will Transform Our Lives” as a matter of national interest for its substantial contribution to the knowledge economy sector.

The Buenos Aires City Legislature has acknowledged “The Human Dilemma” as a book of significant interest to social communication.

Other Recognitions

Outstanding Argentine Youth of 2019 for their contribution to technology dissemination in Argentina
TedX in Villa Allende, Córdoba, 2014
Outstanding Argentine Youth in 2019 for their contribution to technology dissemination in Argentina
Innovation Specialist and Brand Ambassador for Argentina in 2016
Ambassador for Argentina in 2015
Distinguished Speaker at the CIFA 2017 Conference in Lima, Peru
Alumni Pride of UADE 2014 and Honor Roll for professional achievements in 2013
Exceptional Contribution in the establishment of bilateral relations between Argentina and Israel (2013)
Recognized as one of the 120 Ibero-American Future Leaders by LLYC and Trivu in 2020
Keynote speaker and member of the Argentine delegation at the 2018 G20 YEA (Young Entrepreneurs Alliance)

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

I serve as the Latin America Marketing Manager for Maytronics, a top-tier innovator and purveyor of swimming pool cleaning robots. Notably, we’re the creators of the widely-loved Dolphin series. We made waves by being the first to bring domestic robots to the households of Argentina and the broader Latin American region.

In 2024 my third book, Post-tech: Skills to Recover What Is Human, was launched, where I invite you to discover and enhance fundamental skills to surf the digital tsunami that crosses us as humanity.

In 2021, my second book, “The Human Dilemma: From Homo Sapiens to Homo Tech,” was released. It invites readers to reflect on the human-technology tension, addressing key themes that are crucial for understanding the present of the future.

In March 2020, “7R: The Seven Technological Revolutions That Will Transform Our Lives,” my first book, was launched, published by Conecta, an imprint of Penguin House publishing group.


Some of the most important interviews and articles throughout my professional career.